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The Washing Up

Oct 13, 2020

Chris and Kristie are joined by Vaya from @neighbuzzpod to talk the delight that was the first three nights of #JrMasterchefAU. In this episode, Ben steals Australia's heart, Vienna and Tiffany are incredibly impressive, Praise for Andy and Phenix changes Masterchef vocabulary forever! 

It's the Washing Up without the...

Sep 8, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to talk the Grand Final of Season 1 of the Great Canadian Baking Show. In this episode, Kristie outlines Chris' baked goods heritage, they discuss the joy of the series as a whole, before a winner is finally announced.

Sep 1, 2020

Chris and Kristie return for the #GCBS semi final week, and it's Dan's jumper fabric which draws much of the focus. Also, Linda utilises all of her Grandmother skills, We judge some handwriting, and James has some counting and construction issues. 

Aug 26, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion to enjoy one of their favourite weeks, Holiday week. They talk amazing Gingerbread, where everyone shines, before taking a linguistic tour through Rugelach, and rolling it up with a yule log! 

Aug 18, 2020

Chris and Kristie are joined by #BakeoffAU alumni and friend of the show Robert Harwood @Robertscakes to talk British week in the #GCBS pavilion. This week, a dark turn into the underbelly of the Sydney Easter Show, Robert rants about brandy snaps, and a trifle brings back memories.