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The Washing Up

Nov 20, 2018

Live from the Carpark at the Casino Regina, it's the International Verjie awards, celebrating the best in #GCBS over the past 2 seasons. 

Who will take out the big awards? Who will win on the night of nights? And how will our intrepid hosts get back to Australia after the, ummm, unpleasantness. 

Apologies for some of...

Nov 8, 2018

Chris and Kristie are back, and it's #GCBS grand final week! There's no business like Choux business and the bakers must make a tower of power to impress and take the cake stand! Also we talk about Julia's channeling of Mary Berry, as well as just who is Auntie Tracy and how did she come to control Megan's body in...

Nov 1, 2018

It's #GCBS semi-final week, and Chris and Kristie are joined by #BakeoffAU fave and co-host of Food Nerd Vanity Project, @Robertscakes ! We make Robert relive the trauma of the crepe cake challenge that did him in, discuss the timing and all around issues caused by joconde, before a discussion on the vol au vent vs the...

Oct 25, 2018

Chris and Kristie return for Chocolate week in the #GCBS pavilion. They get a rise out of the staggered technical, and discuss Dan's chocolate economy and Sachin's new pilot for CBC, before getting all radio goodies for a walk in the black forest. All this plus more Inspector Gadget updates! 

Oct 18, 2018

Chris and Kristie return for the #GCBS pastry week. We talk a new Mengling theory, discuss the demise of a podcast favourite, and pop up to the lab to see what's in the slab (pie). A fun episode!