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The Washing Up

Oct 25, 2018

Chris and Kristie return for Chocolate week in the #GCBS pavilion. They get a rise out of the staggered technical, and discuss Dan's chocolate economy and Sachin's new pilot for CBC, before getting all radio goodies for a walk in the black forest. All this plus more Inspector Gadget updates! 

Oct 18, 2018

Chris and Kristie return for the #GCBS pastry week. We talk a new Mengling theory, discuss the demise of a podcast favourite, and pop up to the lab to see what's in the slab (pie). A fun episode! 

Oct 11, 2018

Chris and Kristie return for international week on #GCBS and they are talking hand pies (apparently not a euphemism). They also discuss the latest Inspector Gadget baking news, and come to grips with an overconfident Devon.

Oct 7, 2018

Chris and Kristie talk to Chris' patronus from Series 1 of #GCBS - James! We talk flavour vs looks in baking, The Great British Bake Off, and how he came up with his ideas. An excellent chat.

Oct 4, 2018

Chris and Kristie break down bread week on #GCBS - and it's all bun puns! We also discuss if the Savoury Sandwich Cake is a real thing, and discuss which bakers are the Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain of the pavilion!