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The Washing Up

Feb 26, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for #GBBO action with Danish week. In this episode they discuss Briony's attempts to make a rye loaf the size of the west country, spend longer talking about the technical than the length of time it took on the show, before talking about bread people and Princess Mary. A great show. 

Feb 19, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for #GBBO to celebrate Kristiemas in style with Vegan week. Chris rants, a lot, about all things Vegan, Paul Hollywood raps about salads, and the showstopper cracks under pressure, ironically, like an egg! A fun week. 

Feb 12, 2019

It's Pastry week, and Chris and Kristie are here to break down all the #GBBO fun. They discuss Dan's week from hell, talk both Pythagoras and the "Well of Love", as well as break down Noel's attempts to find Manon love #GBBOAU 

Feb 5, 2019

It's #GBBO spice week, and Chris and Kristie go a little Britpop about the tent. They talk Ginger of all varieties, discuss a very clever technical bake, and a conclusion that was so clear, Prue didn't even feel the need to show up to the showstopper!