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The Washing Up

Mar 26, 2019

Chris and Kristie return to the Cabana for another #GKBO #GKBOAU week, and it's New Zealand Classics. We talk show format issues, take a wander through slices and sponsored upside down cake, before a special treat - the lost Showstopper...We've got it! 

Mar 19, 2019

Kia Ora! Chris and Kristie return to talk the new member of the Bake Off family, The Great Kiwi Bake Off! They talk all things from the Cabana, from tinned ingredients, to colour issues and finally, Pingu-gate! A fun episode as always. 



Mar 12, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for the Grand Final of #GBBO #GBBOAU and it' happened. 

They talk Rahul's early days in the UK with Cockney Jim, Chris comes off the long run up to discuss the pita technical, and they survey the landscape of the Grand Final showstopper. 


With thanks to Australian Sugarcraft...

Mar 5, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for the #GBBO semi final week, and it's patisserie a go-go. They talk humps of all kinds, a technical which produced some Noel heroics, and a Parisian showstopper which saw Rahul get his inspiration from Sheffield. A fun episode as always.