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The Washing Up

Jul 23, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for the #MasterchefAU Grand Final. While the events may have been overshadowed by the loss of all 3 judges, they go on to talk Beets by Simon, Tessa's waygu nightmare, and Larissa's solid sorbet. Plus a chat on Masterchef's past present and future! 

Jul 22, 2019

Chris and Kristie return to talk #MasterchefAU semi finals. In this episode, the head to head challenge reveals how far the contestents have (or haven't) come, George is having PR problems, and T-Bone faces the effects of coral bleaching. 

Jul 20, 2019

Chris and Kristie are FINALLY joined by #MasterchefAU winner and host of #Mymarketkitchen , the always amazing @elena_jo_duggan to talk a wide range of issues, including representation in the media, the pressures of finals week, and the fun of My Market Kitchen. With a special cameo from the youngest ever...

Jul 17, 2019

Chris returns, but Kristie is not putting up with this shit, so Robert @robertscakes and Victoria @movetheair attempt to fill the #MasterchefAU void. We ask what the hell the free choice challenge was, discuss the press club challenge and highlight the stupidity of the advantage at this point.

Jul 15, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for #MasterchefAU finals week and it feels like it's never going to end. In this episode, they explain to the Masterchef judges what a lamington is, discuss Anushka's bad week, and work out exactly what Tessa was up to during Monday night's challenge.