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The Washing Up

Nov 28, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for #BakeoffAU semi-final week, and it's party time! This week, Mel Buttle makes Bake Off a one-woman show, Kristie gets emotional over faux cob sightings, Maggie provides a dessert for for a key party and we say a hard goodbye to a podcast favourite

Nov 26, 2019

Chris and Kristie are joined by #BakeoffAU royalty - Executive Producer and amazing human Nicole Rogers. They talk all things Great Australian Bake Off, from relaunch, to how the bakes are selected, and a bombshell about the shed you won't want to miss! A genuinely wonderful and insightful chat. 

Stay tuned for a...

Nov 21, 2019

Chris and Kristie return to #BakeoffAU for Hybrid week, and it's a world of Chouxnuts and Cruffins. In this episode, Kristie pushes Chouxnut/Cronut harmony, Aerobics Oz Style flashbacks, and how much is too much Gorgonzola?

Nov 17, 2019

Chris and Kristie return for more #GCBS fun with Jasmine! They talk proud parents, bleeding cakes, the infamous creme caramel disaster and generally just have a great time! 

Nov 14, 2019

Chris and Kristie return to the #BakeoffAU shed to talk spice week. This week, the spice must flow in a towering showstopper, a technical that's straight from the heart, and a signature that's possibly going to break Maggie. Happy thwacking day to all!