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The Washing Up

Aug 26, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion to enjoy one of their favourite weeks, Holiday week. They talk amazing Gingerbread, where everyone shines, before taking a linguistic tour through Rugelach, and rolling it up with a yule log! 

Aug 18, 2020

Chris and Kristie are joined by #BakeoffAU alumni and friend of the show Robert Harwood @Robertscakes to talk British week in the #GCBS pavilion. This week, a dark turn into the underbelly of the Sydney Easter Show, Robert rants about brandy snaps, and a trifle brings back memories. 

Aug 11, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion to experience Canada week! In this episode, Jude fills a pie with all of canada, everyone goes nuts for donuts, and Chris and Kristie finally get to experience Saskatoon Berries, with a live taste test on the show! 

Aug 4, 2020

Chris and Kristie return for more #GCBS goodness. This week, A dessert close to Australian hearts, Chris gets unusually wound up about a Fondant Fancy challenge, and it's sweet pies a plenty! 

Aug 2, 2020

Chris and Kristie talk to the most whimsical baker in #GCBS history, the one and only Jude! They talk gnomes, claymation, lumberjills, as well as some wonderful memories of the pavilion!