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The Washing Up

Feb 27, 2021

Chris and Kristie return to talk #GCBS with the one and only Bertie! In this chat they talk Tony awards, Burning down the pavilion, the many uses of bakes, and create the greatest hybrid reality TV show of all time! 

Feb 22, 2021

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion for Bread Week, and it's a week with plenty of podcast emotion. In this episode, the bakers take on a tarte, get in a twist for pretzels, while Larry makes every single thing in the pavilion! Plus an ending of contrasting emotions! 

Feb 18, 2021

Chris and Kristie head back into the #GCBS pavilion to talk to the wonderful Kyla! In this chat, they discuss Ruby Chocolate, life in the UK, the joy that is GCBS, and Escape to the Chateau! And we celebrate Kristiemas! A delightful time to be had by all. 

Feb 15, 2021

Chris and Kristie return for the start of #GCBS season 4, and it's a great week to start with. In this episode, we meet our new hosts and the new bakers, Giza is a hero to the masses, we reflect on mirror glaze, while Bertie writes his own bake off musical. 

Feb 6, 2021

Chris and Kristie are back with a preview of the Valentines Day return of #GCBS, and they've brought along the hosts, the amazing @TheAlanShane and @annpornel . In this chat, we talk baking and joy, Second City, Drag Race UK, as well as the pure delight of getting to take up hosting duties of the best media job in...