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The Washing Up

Mar 31, 2022

Chris and Kristie return to the shed for the #BakeoffAU Grand Final! In this episode, Castle vs Chateau - an expert points out the differences. Also the bakers must forrage, and Aaron wants a treehouse. Oh, and someone wins the cakeplate! 

Mar 31, 2022

Chris and Kristie talk to #BakeoffAU 's Hoda! In this episode, the challenge of developing inside the Bake Off Shed, Biscuit Pinata's, and Hoda's memories of growing up, including one family classic dish that lives in the memory! A fantastic chat. 

Mar 31, 2022

Chris and Kristie have a great chat with #BakeoffAU 's own Ash! In this episode, sculpting tasty Koala's and other awsome things, Maggie's steamed pudding, and Ash's new venture. Try not to talk like an upper class british child after this one, we dare you! 

Mar 25, 2022

Chris and Kritie return for #BakeoffAU Semi Final week, and it's sort of Patisserie week. Sort of. 

In this episode, Babka returns in a Semi Final, Hoda explores the shed in the technical, and a thoroughly confusing choice for a showstopper.  

Mar 17, 2022

Chris and Kristie return to the #BakeoffAU shed to the delights of Fruit and Veg week, and we've gone a bit cleo. In this episode, are tartlets this year in trend? Hoda bounces back from brush with tragedy, while in the sealed section, we go docking with the picks on the bottom and on the top, plus edging.