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The Washing Up

Jul 28, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion for the second rewatch episode, and time for bread week. In this episode, we learn about a flurry of cheese, Corey tries to defy a bake off jinx, and the showstopper produces cross sections the likes of which are seldom seen. 

Jul 25, 2020

Chris and Kristie talk to #GCBS judge, internationally acclaimed chef and all around wonderful human Bruno Feldeisen! In this chat, they discuss all things Canadian Baking show, his amazing journey to this point, as well as a discussion about representation and equity in the food industry. 

Jul 21, 2020

Chris and Kristie are back to talk #GCBS rewatch, as the show finally comes to Australian TV! In this episode, we meet the wonderful Series 1 bakers, the legend that is Bruno, and get to see some top level baking! 

Jul 20, 2020

Chris and Kristie return to talk about the #MasterchefAU 2020 grand final! They discuss toffee apples of various kinds, break down various fave moments of the series, and celebrate the achievements of the top 3, especially Laura and of course, Emelia! 

Jul 14, 2020

Chris and Kristie return for #MasterchefAU finals week, part 1. In this episode, Reece and Callum depart, Emelia and Laura both take a stand and Reynold turns his hand to some quality mains. Also, we pay tribute to out beloved dog and podcast star Leo.