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The Washing Up

Dec 2, 2023

Chris and Kristie revisit the #GCBS Christmas special and they're joined by 4 special guests in Andrei, Nataliia, Raufikat and Vincent! In this episode, we discuss the joys of holiday baking, the fun of being back in the pavilion, and just have a laugh with 4 of the most talented Bakers in Bake Off history! 

Nov 20, 2023

Chris and Kristie return for the #GCBS Grand Final. In this episode, montage's ahoy, the bakers all commit to the final push for the cake plate, while for Kristie, it's a chance to dupe Canadian celebrities. 

Nov 16, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to talk #GCBS semi final week. In this episode, Choux chat, a technical where things 100% happened, and the adventures of Sea Buckthorn

Nov 9, 2023

Chris and Kristie return for #GCBS Spice week. In this episode, they complain about the lack of Spice Girls mentions, discuss expensive ingredients, and ponder the importance of shipbuilding in their lives. 

Oct 30, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to #GCBS for Old School Week. In this episode, Kristie won a thing, Kathy is queen of the one liner, and Heather is hoarding butter for future use. Also, Zippy is near perfect!