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The Washing Up

Oct 30, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to #GCBS for Old School Week. In this episode, Kristie won a thing, Kathy is queen of the one liner, and Heather is hoarding butter for future use. Also, Zippy is near perfect! 

Oct 23, 2023

This week, Chris is joined by two awesome "Stunt Kristies" - Great Australian Bake Off alumni Aaron and Nurman to talk #GCBS Harvest Week. 

In this episode, new ways to write the Technical, Aurora Borealis located entirely in this pavilion, and also, for a change, some deep baking analysis! 

Oct 16, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS pavilion for Cookie week. In this episode, Kathy's structural masterclass, Bruno shows a lot of sass, and random tangents involving monsterpiece theatre and Andy Gibb/Xanadu. 

Oct 11, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to #GCBS for Bread Week. In this episode, Nazareth the D&D Campaign, the Great Pea conspiracy, and everyone is distracted by pitting olives. 

Vale Cal Wilson - gone far too soon. 

Oct 3, 2023

Chris and Kristie return to the #GCBS Pavillion to talk all thing Canadian Baking Show! In this episode, everyone avoids saying Vegemite, Sydney introduces us to the Sydney Baked Universe characters, and we get to meet the next batch of awesome humans!